Custom Window Skin

So here is a quick screen of my new window skin in action, please let me know what you think.  I will probably make it more red, i know actual game updates have been slim, just know i am working on the title screen, window skin & menu’s, i feel like it is important to be able to present a clean professional look before a potential kick starter campaign.



Updated Title Screen

Now that the holidays are over, and i hope everyone enjoyed their’s as much as i did mine, it is time to get back to the grind!  Here is the updated version of my title screen, a finished version will be applied in the next week or so.  Progress has been slow other then that, i will admit all of the drink, food, family and friends consumed most of my vacation time this holiday seasons and progress has been slow.  However well rested and refreshed i am motivated to continue to update my game and hopefully at this time next year be close to some sort of launch!


Happy Holidays & Title Screen Draft!

Hi everybody & happy holidays!

While progress has slowed this last 2 weeks with holiday preparation i do have something to share with you.  Here is an initial title screen draft.  I will continue to post updates over the next few weeks as it nears completion.  Now that Christmas is over (and my house is over run with toys) i will continue eventing the prologue.


Screen Shot & Progress Update!

So the last week was tough on my mentally, i hit a big nasty bug that set me back more hours then i care to remember.  However after eliminating the script bug i am back on task of finishing the main story line events for the prologue.  Here is a quick screen of the pub where we meet the infamous Sir Sloan.


The Month of November!

So as the holidays approach you would think game progress would be slowing down, however for me holidays mean no 9-5 job so more free time to work on the job that does not pay me…making games!  November will be less about creating new maps & content & more about refining completed maps, adding map effects, adding events & main story dialogue & selecting music.  My work flow may jump around a bit, however here is the basic process.

1) Re-visit completed map that needs to have events added to it, this includes adding more refined lighting in gimp & fixing small graphical errors.

2) Adding map effects, this includes animated torches, fogs, sunlight etc.

3) Adding main story events,  I want to have the main story events all completed & prepped to possibly create some promotion videos.

4) Selecting & adding music, i have purchased roughly 60 music tracks and now have to decide which are best for a given map or cuts-scene

5) Take in game screenshots to share!

*Stretch Goal* Take a video to share!.